"Kojima cultist here...DS does not look great...

So I'm sure that it will be great, seeing as how the cool/creepy stuff from earlier trailers hasn't been shown yet, but...

Everything looks super boring, and the implementation of real people is an immediate turn off.

I'm not here to crap on Kojima, because it still looks more interesting than most stuff we get nowadays, and I'm sure it's going to be great in the long run, but...

I have to be honest. It looks pretty dumb now...

Kojima always surprises us by being vague, and playing on expectations, but I don't recall ever being this underwhelmed by any MGS prerelease marketing."

“我是小岛脑残粉... 死亡搁浅看上去有点不太妙...






“It's s***e. There I said it. If this wasn't written Kojima all over it, most people would not bat an eyelid over it.”


“yeah it kinda looks bad, but we will never know until we play it.”


“Looks like fetch quest, the game.

Like has already been said, if this weren't Kojima, we wouldn't be giving this game any attention.”



“The game seems very half-baked”


“You can use your 3rd leg as a weapon




“This game looks incredible

From cutscenes to the UI and everything else

But we desperately need to see more gameplay, all I've seen is walk walk walk and it's not looking good”




“Looks like boring pretentious crap to be honest.

Gears 5 destroys this baby simulator nonsense.”



“GOTY incoming

You can use your 3rd leg as a weapon”



“Needs to be a game before it can be GotY.”


“but its completely dead map.”


“Good job man, good job”


“This is coming from a Playstation fan... but the game looks like hot garbage. In terms of gameplay anyway.

Imo, of course...”

“我虽然是个PS玩家... 但是游戏看上去就像是个垃圾。我指的是游戏玩法方面。


“All I saw was a baby delivery simulator.”


“Honestly that looked really bad, but I haven't been interested in this game from the get-go so no skin off my back.”


“Quote: but its completely dead map.

MGSV: Part 3”



“Lmao, this looks like hot garbage. Looks like some C-list hollywood movie.”


“It looks like.... how should I put this?... a nonsensical clusterf*** of weird ideas.. and I can't say that is a good thing.”

“这看上去... 我该怎么形容比较好?...乱成一大团的各种奇思妙想... 我是指贬义的。”

“why is he the only one ass kissing this game?

I think he does this on purpose to get a rise out of trolls.

well I'm no troll I have no say in this game do have one thought tho..

I hate the walking jackasses and I hate norman.”





“Why even release that trailer, are they intentionally trying to make the game look super boring? They have to be saving the real gameplay for a big reveal down the line.”


“velvet shill surpises noone yet again”


“i knew it, you deliver s*** to empty tents and "talk" to a f***ing hologram, ugh.”


“The gameplay has been non existent, the story looks terrible, the environments are terrible, the character designs are terrible.

Not one thing shown thus far looks good. The more that is shown the worse it looks. I don't know why people are looking forward to this just because of Kojima. This looks terrible in every single aspect except production values. If someone never played MGS they would not care for this game, at all.”



“I was deeply confused when the crowd started cheering at the sight of Norman peeing on the ground. Why was that cheer worthy?”


“Even botw looks way better and thats on a Wii U.

Also your dude has no wang and the fetus also has no wee-wee.

And will Hideo ever learn animation?”

“荒野之息看上去都比这游戏好,更别提它是Wii U上的游戏了。



“Quote: I was deeply confused when the crowd started cheering at the sight of Norman peeing on the ground. Why was that cheer worthy?

It's germany. They love their piss and scat porno”



“im gonna be taking SO many dumps, dude.”


“6 minute trailer and we saw:

Norman Reedus sleeping

Norman Reedus peeing

Norman climbing a ladder

Norman dropping off a package

Norman talking to Geoff Keighley

Norman falling down rocks

Norman comforting a baby

The only thing that gave me hope was that "weapons restriction lifted" line....

And yet, the animations, the movement, the controls, the map UI, all of it reminds me of MGS V. And for that reason, I'm still super hyped. We all know Kojima loves trolling, and I'm sure once the full game comes out, we'll see all the guns and action and stealth pop up.”